Fairford Airshow Campers 2017

phone charge fairford campers RIAT

Phone Charging for Townsend Farm Camping  Fairford

13th – 16th July 2017

phone charge fairford campers RIAT

Don’t worry about your mobile phone running out of fuel watching the world’s greatest airshow, just fly over to our stand to refuel your phone at our phone charging station.

We have phone charging stations at the main campsite.

 FAIRFORD AIR TATTOO 2017  Townsend Farm Camping

Charging Options

Phone Charging for Festivals

We offer flexible phone charging solutions; from unlimited charging to hourly charging. Decide what’s best for you and come and find us.

Option 1 – Hourly Festival Phone Charging only £5 – Just come and find us!

Option 2 – Overnight Phone Charging £10 – (10pm-10am) no pre payment necessary.

Option 3 – Pre-pay for unlimited charging per device – only £19.95  Pre-pay  festival phone charging now! Maximum of 2 hours as a single block during day times. Return as many times as you like during the festival.