About Us

The team behind ILOVEMYPHONE has been in the festival industry for a number of years. We decided to invest in ILOVEMYPHONE with the sole aim of improving the quality of phone charging at events and are proud to provide a professional and totally secure phone charging service.

Mobile phones have become indispensable with people storing their whole life on these small devices, not to mention that most phones now cost more than a laptop or a camera. So it is understandable that over the last few years we have witnessed an increase in demand for a phone charging service where the festival goer feels confident to leave their phone behind while they continue to enjoy the fun.

All of our units are equipped with individual lockers for each phone and are fully installed with CCTV cameras for added security and peace of mind.

ILOVEMYPHONE represents a state of the art phone charging service that cannot be beaten by any other phone charging operator. We can provide enough charging facilities for all festival goers at even the largest of UK events.